About Us

Form + Function. High-end Fashion + Tennis. 

MINX was founded on the principle that women should be able to wear works of art that exude the principles of high-end fashion and architectural design, grounded in realistic everyday wear.

MINX initially started off designing custom tennis dresses for clients all over the world. Due to its popularity we expanded to our first full collection specializing in tennis wear for the everyday woman. These pieces are meant to be worn on and off the court, to and from business and play. 

What makes MINX exceptional and unique is the team’s unique background in architecture and tennis. Its founder, Mindy King, was recruited for tennis at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a BA in Architecture. She later went on to complete her Masters in Architecture at the University of Southern California.

Based on her real-life experience in competing and playing tennis for over 20 years and her background as an architectural designer, Mindy found the creative blend between high fashion and architecture to be truly invigorating, leading her to launch MINX.

MINX is truly one-of-a-kind within the sports apparel industry as its pieces are considered to be works of art, to be transitional, and can be worn on-and-off the court.

 In 2014, MINX's Athena dress was named one of the "Best Dressed" at the US Open.


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